Privacy & Security

Your Personal Information is Safe

Digital Postal Mail is designed and implemented with comprehensive information security, audit, compliance, and risk programs that are compliant with strict industry standards. As a closed system, the services are accessible only by registered senders and verified recipients. Digital Postal Mail is the only digital mail delivery system that verifies consumers to their postal mailing address.

To ensure a secure environment to deliver, view, and store digital postal mail,
the Digital Postal Mail service has:

  • PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) Compliant Level 1 Security – The only digital postal solution currently certified

  • Systems are TRUSTe Privacy and VeriSign Certified and are independently audited to comply with PCI, BITS, and HIPAA security requirements

  • Data Encryption using RSA-2048 bit key with AES-256 bit encryption

  • Ongoing security vulnerability scans and penetration testing

  • Truste
  • VeriSign
  • RSA
  • PCI
  • BITS

Strict Industry Standards Compliance

To comply with the security standards required by financial, healthcare, and banking industries, Digital Postal Mail maintains detailed security policies, standards, and guidelines to ensure data security.

We Verify Every Digital Postal Mailbox

Before you can receive digital postal mail, the Digital Postal Mail service confirms that you are authorized to receive mail at the physical address you provided.